Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"WOW! Where did you get those COOL shorts?" I say, "I got them at GMAN DESIGNS!!". "Really, what's that?" "Gman Designs is a local Cincinnati design shop specializing in shorts and skirts." "But, designer clothes are expensive, aren't they?" "No, Gman Designs isn't. Because you use your own shorts and skirts, Gman Designs charges only for the design and time involved." "Oh, OK. How much?" "Only $23.50 for shorts and $28.25 for skirts (nothing past knee-length for skirts please). Plus shipping for a fee of $5.00." "How does it work?" "You simply email me at gmanrtw@gmail.com and say when you will send the item(s). Gman Designs will respond with the total cost of your order. Then mail the item(s) plus check to:

Marty Greenwell
3447 Whitfield Avenue
Cincinnati OH, 45220

The design will be added onto your shorts or skirt and mailed back to you. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!


Which shorts/skirts should I send?
The best are the old favorites which feel great but are starting to look a bit old. This takes the all time fave and invigorates it.

Won't the paint come off?

Some paint will peel after a couple of years of hard use. Most colors blend into the fabric. Two-three year old shorts have 99 1/2 % of the design standing tall.

Any suggestions on colors?

Black shorts/skirts look especially good and get tons of comments. Old raggedy "lawn clothes"are also favorites. The picture of myself on the left wearing the black shorts and red t-shirt is a classic!

Any other thoughts?

Gman Designs are great school clothes for all kids. Comfy clothes (you bought them) plus sparkle and pizazz. Also good for presents, Mothers Day, Xmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays.

Why no shirts, long pants or long skirts?

Not ready since market research hasn't concluded people like them, yet.....